Emily McAsey

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Cutting Lawmaker's Pay

Because so many are financially struggling, McAsey believes elected officials must share in the sacrifice.  She voted to block legislative pay raises, cut her own salary by making lawmakers work 24 days without pay, and changed state law to make it difficult for representatives to raise their own pay. She's fighting to cut elected officials' salaries another 10% and to require voter approval before they can be awarded raises.
Punishing Political Corruption
McAsey, who voted to impeach Rod Blagojevich, is tired of seeing state workers and politicians commit crimes and abuse taxpayer dollars. She will fight for a law that imposes mandatory jail time for serious government ethics violations and strips the pensions from elected officials who commit crimes in office.
Saving Taxpayers' Money
To control spending and prevent the state from going further into debt, McAsey supports legislation requiring government to manage its finances more like a business, with quarterly reviews to eliminate poorly performing programs and a line-by-line annual audit of the budget to stop waste, while protecting vital programs, like education, from cuts – and she’s defeated efforts to raise income taxes.
Fighting for Rape Victims
McAsey, a former prosecutor, wants to make sure law enforcement has the legal tools needed to catch and track sex offenders. She fought to require electronic monitoring of child predators and to protect rape victims and make it easier to catch their attackers by forcing police to submit rape kit evidence to the crime lab within ten days for testing.